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Dr. David Gruder is an 11 award-winning Human Potential Peak Performance Psychologist who has held leadership roles in virtually every area of the Human Potential field since the 1970s. He completed his doctorate in clinical & organizational development psychology in 1982. Since then he has provided keynotes, training programs and consulting in 8 countries on 3 continents, as well as over the internet, on over 100 Human Potential topics. He has also authored, co-authored, or written forewords, afterwards, & chapters for 23 books, and has been featured in Forbes, Inc, and NonProfit Performance nearly 20 times. His truly rare range of expertise & experience has established Dr. Gruder as a premier thought leader in the Unified Human Potential field.

Despite all this, Dr. Gruder was still pretty much "Anger Illiterate" until the 1990s (when Dr. Gruder was in his 40s). He came by his illiteracy honestly.

  • By the time David was in his mid-teens he so disliked the only versions of anger that he had extensive first-hand experience with (a rageoholic father + a mother who turned her anger into depression and door-slamming) that he was saying to people, "I don't do anger."
  • By the time he became an adult, David's disowned anger had twisted itself into sulking, shame & self-pity. His "anger management" strategy usually manipulated people into not expressing their anger at him... but it also robbed him of much of his joy, aliveness, and authentic connection with others.
  • This first started to shift through a watershed turning point with his father in the 1980s, which you can hear about in the free introductory video for this course.
  • You can read more about the dysfunctional relationship that Dr. Gruder used to have with anger at www.DrGruder.com/anger.


In the 1990s Dr. Gruder started developing Anger Literacy for the first time. He enrolled in an extensive certification program in anger that grew out of a 20+ year study on Anger Completion at the University of Arizona's hospital in Tucson. That's right: not Anger Management but Anger Completion. The UofA team of clinicians & researchers called this method Focused Expressive Psychotherapy (FEP for short). It might well be the most researched approach to anger completion that's ever been developed.

Dr. Gruder received his training in FEP from Dr. Roger Daldrop, the then-Chairman of the Psychology Department and lead FEP clinician/researcher. Dr. Daldrup ultimately bestowed on Dr. Gruder the highest level of FEP certification: being authorized not only to use FEP in workshops and with clients, but also to train & certify psychotherapists in FEP. Much to his sadness, Dr. Gruder might today be the only psychologist still alive (or at least not yet retired), who has this level of FEP certification.

Dr. Gruder went on to conduct over 1000 "Anger Workouts" as he came to call them, in individual sessions & group intensives. He also trained therapists in FEP, in the United States & in Europe.

What he learned about anger from all of this extensive experience led to the gradual emergence of what might be the very first integrated approach to Anger Literacy. He initially called this framework Conquering Anger Mountain™.

By the late 1990s, Dr. Gruder's breakthough Conquering Anger Mountain™ framework had established him as a leading expert in Anger Literacy, including anger prevention, anger completion & anger effectiveness. His system's universal usefulness has been acclaimed across cultures around the world, thanks to the training programs he's given on it in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Hong Kong, England, & Switzerland.

Dr. Gruder continued to refine his Conquering Anger Mountain™ material until it evolved into the Full Spectrum Anger Literacy & Effectiveness™ Learn-It-Yourself™ training program that is now available to you through this course.

What have people who have learned this framework said about it?

  • "Never in a million years did I imagine that Anger Effectiveness had anything to do with living WHOLE and a life of Integrity! What a delightful enlightening surprise! Our Team is buzzing about it. I’m eager for more!" ~ Lillian Walker, USA
  • "Terrific. Original. Very well articulated. Even helps people answer their own questions.” ~ Iwowarri Berian James, Nigeria
  • “One of the best theories of anger (and how to use it wisely) I’ve ever run across.” ~ Beth Spencer, Australia
  • “Without this system, it would have taken me a lifetime to develop my ability to resolve conflict without anger or force.” ~ Craig Collins, USA
  • "Terrific. Learned a lot. Will definitely help my journey towards self improvement." ~ Jeff Ning, Canada
  • “Full Spectrum Anger Effectiveness™ skillfully blends emotional intelligence, heart-centeredness, and practical learning. Dr. Gruder’s clarity, compassion, wisdom, and humanity make him very easy to relate to, both as a teacher and a fellow human being." ~ Cynthia Hutchinson, USA
  • "By far the most useful and comprehensive treatment of how to conceptualize anger issues I have ever been exposed to. Dr. Gruder's style of presenting the information is clear and easy to digest. I highly recommend this to anyone who deals with clients who have anger issues. It's also very useful for understanding one's own anger issues!" ~ Alfred Heath, England

Conquering Anger Mountain: Full Spectrum Anger Literacy & Effectiveness™

The World's Only Full Spectrum Anger Literacy & Effectiveness System™... from Dr. David Gruder.

Forget anger management. Your wait for a better way is now over. Now you can at last become a master at preventing anger, utilizing it, completing it, and repairing it.


Stop settling for ineffective attempts to manage your anger, and other people's when Anger Effectiveness can help you prevent & complete the 3 unhelpful forms of anger, AND master the 1 form of anger that's actually helpful. This one-of-a-kind course is your ticket to mastering Full Spectrum Anger Literacy & Effectiveness™.

In today's anger-toxified world, there's never been a more important time to put an end to being afraid of your own anger and disempowered by other people's. This Learn-It-Yourself™ program from Dr. Gruder will help you start gaining the upper hand with ALL of the 4 forms of anger... in ways you've never before known how to do... OR Dr. Gruder will give you your money back!

Want more details about what's in this course? Watch the video at the top of this page.

Why Dr. Gruder? Read about his background and a small sampling of what others say about this system in his bio on this page. You can read more about the dysfunctional relationship that Dr. Gruder used to have with anger at www.DrGruder.com/anger.

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SECTION 1: Anger Effectiveness Overview
1 Course Overview & Instructions N/A
2 Anger Effectiveness Secrets™ Overview Webinar Replay N/A
3 Course Terms of Use Reminder N/A
SECTION 2: Anger Flavor #1 -- Boundaries ("No" & "Ouch" Without Agitation)
1 Effectively Handling the Only Form of Authentic Anger: Boundaries N/A
SECTION 3: Anger Flavor #2 -- Escalation (Increasing Emotional Agitation)
1 Effectively Handling the "Escalation" Form of Anger N/A
SECTION 4: Anger Flavor #3 -- Flooding (Unable to Think Your Way Out of Being Angry)
1 Effectively Handling the "Flooding" Form of Anger N/A
SECTION 5: Anger Flavor #4 -- Looping (Instantaneously Recycling Old Anger)
1 Effectively Handling the "Looping" Form of Anger (AKA "Recycling" or "Stuck" Anger) N/A
SECTION 6: Ending the Cycle of Looping Anger
1 Effectively Completing Looping/Recycling/Stuck Anger N/A
SECTION 7: Repairing Anger Damage
1 The Art of Apologizing in Ways That Repair Anger Damage & Enhance Future Collaboration N/A
SECTION 8: Conquering Anger Mountain™: Your Anger Effectiveness Framework™
1 Final Review of Your Journey Through the Full Spectrum Anger Literacy & Effectiveness System™ N/A
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