Dr. David Gruder, PhD, DCEP

Founding President, The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology

Dr. David Gruder is a human potential thought leader who has won awards in self-help, psychology, mental health, health & wellness, business & leadership, politics & society, and social change. He was an Integrative Psychologist long before this term came into use, having received in-depth training in a wide range of conventional and complementary psychotherapy, and self-help methods, beginning in the 1970s. By the mid-1970s he was an administrator for the Association for Holistic Health (the first professional association for what would grow up to be the field of Integrative Medicine), and in 1976 he became perhaps the first psychologist ever to receive certification in Holistic Health.
After much initial skepticism Dr. Gruder ultimately came to so deeply value the benefits of Energy Psychology methods that in 1998 he agreed to co-found the international nonprofit Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP). He served as its first president from its inception until 2002. He later became one of the principal architects of ACEP’s Comprehensive Energy Psychology Certification Programs for both Diplomates in Comprehensive Energy Psychology (DCEPs) and Energy Health Practitioners (CEHPs — for allied health professionals). The DCEP program is eligible for American Psychological Association Continuing Education credit, as well as CE credit for all types of mental health professionals as well as nurses and acupuncturists.
Dr. Gruder’s involvement with ACEP continues to this day as a Certification program Full Trainer, Certification Consultant, and Continuing Education Provider. He has mentored Energy Psychology practitioners worldwide, and has given Energy Psychology training programs throughout North America, and in Europe and Asia, to psychotherapists, physicians, dentists, coaches and the public. He has also taught semester-long Energy Psychology courses for doctoral psychology graduate students as a Lead Faculty at the California Institute for Human Science.
Dr. Gruder is the author of the highly respected and cited Energy Psychology Desktop Companion for practitioners and developer of the highly acclaimed Energy Psychology Essentials™ training program, in addition to the much-used Energy Psychology Anywhere™ audio for helping professionals, clients of helping professionals, and self-help consumers.
To learn more about Dr. Gruder’s broad background and expertise beyond Energy Psychology, go to the About page on Dr. Gruder’s main website — www.DrGruder.com
— where you can also contact him.

Energy Psychology Anywhere™ Self-Help Audio + Training

The straightforward six-step BIWY™ (Bring It With You™) complete self-help procedure that assists you in getting free from what holds you back and stepping more fully into how you want to be… anywhere!

Imagine being able to self-treat whatever you need to, right when you need it most. At last, doing this couldn’t be simpler or more painless… thanks to an audio you can load onto your smart phone, tablet, mp3 player, PC or Macbook… so it’s always “on call” for you wherever you go!

It’s Energy Psychology Anywhere™: a straightforward easy to use six-step BIWY (Bring It With You™) self-help procedure to assist you in getting free from what holds you back AND in embracing how you really want to be… anywhere! It's like having access to your own self-development assistant 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

EP Anywhere™ is the ideal Energy Psychology Self-Help resource for “Do-It-Yourself Self-Improvers,” clients of helping professionals & helping pros wanting an easy way to quickly become familiar with Energy Psychology methods.

Why? Because you never have to remember all the steps by heart and never have to constantly have to look at written instructions. EP Anywhere™ is like having complete self-help sequences "on call" for you whenever you want or need them!


Energy Psychology Anywhere™ is three valuable resources in one:
  1. A self-help audio that you can download to your computer and then add to your favorite portable devices so it’s available to you… well… Anywhere™!
    • Dr. Gruder’s gentle voice guides you through step-by-step through entire self-help sequences, from start to finish.
    • Simply follow his instructions in the self-help audio while you focus on an issue that you decide is prudent  to address on your own.
    • Dr. Gruder also offers you a framework to help you make wise selections on your own behalf about what to work on by yourself versus with professional assistance.
  2. A valuable printable progress tracking worksheet for keeping a record of your progress as you use the Energy Psychology Anywhere™ self-help audio.
  3. An illuminating visual guide to help you more fully understand this Energy Psychology self-help process, use it prudently, and become effective in using it.

Want more info about Energy Psychology? Click here to read about what EP is, what it's for and whether it works (opens new window).

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