Dr. David Gruder, PhD, DCEP

Thought Leader in Resetting Power™ + Developer of Ethical Power Effectiveness™ Training

Dr. David Gruder is a bestselling 11-award-winning licensed psychologist who was named America’s Integrity Expert by Radio & TV Reports. He helps leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, and the helping professionals who assist them, turn cherished values & noble intentions into step-by-step people procedures that Make Integrity Profitable™. A TEDx speaker, he has given keynotes & training programs in 8 countries on 3 continents on more than 100 topics since the 1980s.
The recipient of a leadership award and a culture development award, Dr. Gruder has founded for-profits & nonprofits, and has served on numerous boards including a large international entrepreneur development organization. He was trained in long-range strategic planning (50-100 year master plans) a decade before finishing his doctorate in both clinical and organizational development psychology. 
He has held leadership, administrative, training, &/or board positions in virtually every sector of the human potential movement, including psychology, self-development, integrative health & medicine, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and education. An expert in curriculum design, he has deep-dive experience in designing & delivering keynotes, training, & certification programs.
Dr. Gruder has authored, co-authored, or contributed to 23 books. His own books have received awards (some more than once) in an unusually broad range of categories, including: psychology, mental health, self-help, health & wellness, business, leadership, collaborative culture creation, politics & society, and social change.
Dr. Gruder's unusually broad range of expertise makes him something of a unicorn in the human potential field, and uniquely prepared him to develop a next generation framework for that movement: Strategic Integrative Self-Development™. This course is one of the centerpieces of that framework.

Ethical Personal Power Effectiveness™

Practical Skills to Reset Your Relationship With Power for the Better...

Stop Being Harmed by Our "Perpetual Stress Society" +
Uplevel Your Positive Impact & Leader Effectiveness

In today's Perpetual Stress Society, it's more important than ever to uplevel your skills for managing change, so you can keep your wellbeing strong while supercharging your succees with your goals. How? By getting your personal power stronger than the stress and anger that surrounds you. In good ways. In your personal life, your business life, and your community life.

2 Big Keys to Keeping Your Power in a Perpetual Stress Society

Here's an important secret: Mostly people get stressed and angry when they feel like they have little to no impact... on their quality of life, in enhancing their cherished relationships, in magnifying their business success, in their contributing to their communities' wellbeing, in forwarding the causes that matter most to them, and/or in doing their part to help restore sanity to society.

Here's another important secret: Optimizing your Impact Effectiveness in a Perpetual Stress Society requires developing vastly different strategies and tactics for dealing with stress and anger than the vast majority of stress management and anger management programs provide.

Stop Being Harmed by Reptile Brain Takeovers
Most of us don't realize that how easily overtaken people are by the hyper-emotional non-rational "animal" part of our brain, whose job is to take control of us when it decides we are in an extreme stress situation. This part of our brain (our limbic system, also nicknamed our "reptile brain") is capable of only four responses: 
  1. Fight fire with a bigger fire ("fight")
  2. Run as far away as possible ("flee")
  3. Become paralyzed like a deer in the headlights ("freeze")
  4. Play possum in the hope that the danger will pass if we hold our breath and lie still for long enough ("faint")
How do Reptile Brain Takeovers occur? Chemically, that’s how. When we allow ourselves to become over-stressed, our body reacts by releasing "emergency response hormones" (adrenaline, norepinephrine, and cortisol). Most people don’t realize that these chemicals biologically turn off the spiritual and thinking part of our brain and hyper-mobilize the reptile-reactivity part of our brain. And few people adequately appreciate the profound damage that is created in our personal, work, and community lives when reptile brains are in charge.
What Most Stress & Anger Management Programs Don't Teach
If you're like most people, you haven't had access to skills that:
A) Prevent Reptile Brain Takeovers in yourself and others;
B) Enable you to quickly recognize when a takeover is occurring despite your best prevention efforts;
C) Minimize a takeover's damage; and
D) Restore effectiveness in yourself and others after a takeover has ended.
Succeeding requires going far beyond good intentions, mindset, and mindfulness... and far beyond what most stress and anger management programs teach. What's needed is skills, procedures, and accountability that:
  • Protect you, your people, and your enterprise from Reptile Brain Takeovers
  • Uplevel effective ethical power in you and your people
  • Make it far more possible than ever to bring about your highest intentions at work, at home, and in your communities.
What's needed is Resetting Your Relationship With Power™ so you:
  1. Have the upper hand on your reptile brain
  2. Effectively enact your personal boundaries in respectful ways, even when you don't have someone else's cooperation
  3. Co-create mutually beneficial agreements with people who have the willingness to collaborate... instead of feeling like you have to resort to coercion or compromise
  4. Successfully repair complications that arise in implementing those agreements so collaboration increases... instead of resentment building, conflict escalating, and agreements not being successfully completed
The Key to Succeeding With Your Goals in a Perpetual Stress Society
Succeeding with your goals at work, at home, and in your communities, will hugely depend on how effectively you:
  1. Immunize yourself from the profoundly damaging effects of our Perpetual Stress Society;
  2. Uplevel your Ethical Personal Power Effectiveness™ instead of remaining trapped in power tyranny, power rebellion, or feeling like you have no power to have positive impact.
If these things are valuable to you, it makes magnificent sense to invest in this course, which could turn out to be your most valuable secret success key for attaining your goals in the near term and over time.
What Your Ethical Personal Power Essentials™ Package Includes... 
  • A 6 Module Training Program Covering 2 Main Areas:
    • Internal Control Power: Become the Sovereign of Yourself
    • External Influence Power: Ethically Uplevel Your Impact Effectiveness
  • Internal Control Power (Become the Sovereign of Yourself)
    • Module #1: Emotional Self-Management Mastery -- get the upper hand on your reptile brain, and step into a profoundly empowering form of self-responsibility
    • Module #2: Core Intentions Mastery -- get beneath your postures and positions to accurately identify your core intentions (this is your most potent key to keeping your power in your hands no matter what people do)
  • External Influence Power (Ethically Uplevel Your Impact Effectiveness) 
    • Module #3: Boundaries Power Principles -- harness the human dynamics secrets that give you the power to avoid getting trapped in trying to get other people to change or collaborate in ways they aren't open to doing
    • Module #4: Boundaries Implementation -- discover how to select & implement the optimal intensity level to effectively yet respectfully implement your boundaries in any situation... even when you don't have someone else's cooperation
    • Module #5: Creating Accountability-Capable Agreements -- stop being seduced by good intentions that damage trust and collaboration become they don't come to pass
    • Module #6: Repairing Agreement Breakdowns -- a road tested step-by-step procedure that turns implementation breakdowns into collaboration builders instead of resentment escalators
Your Investment & Guarantee
  • Time: Complete each of the 6 modules at your own pace because you'll have access for a year. Plan to devote approximately 2-3 hours per module. Each module includes Training Videos and at least one accompanying Action Guide to help you apply the material in whatever parts of your life that you wish: in your personal relationships, at work, in your communities and/or in your volunteer activities.
  • Energy: The more commitment you bring to bringing what you learn into your life, the more benefits you're likely to get. 
  • Tuition: US$490 for the entire program. As a frame of reference, I've been told I should be charging US$1000 for this as a self-guided online course, and $3000 as a one-on-one mentoring program).
  • Access to All Modules Begins as soon as you complete your payment and log in to your account. (Your login details will arrive in your email inbox. If you don't find them there, check your spam and/or junk folder and then whitelist the email address.)
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I look forward to your participation in this valuably important program.



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  2. Dr. Gruder can’t know when a resource or a tactic is right for you — at all, at a particular time, or with a particular person. Those decisions are purely up to you. Said another way, how you make sense of the material in this educational course, how you choose to utilize it, and the results you get from it, is solely in your hands.
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SECTION 1: Internal Control Power -- Become the "Sovereign of Yourself"
1 Module #1 -- Emotional Self-Management Mastery: Resetting Power™ Overview, Self-Responsibility Mastery, & Taking Charge of Your N/A
2 Module #2 -- Boundaries Effectiveness™ Overview + NICE™ Boundaries Steps 1 & 2, including Core Intentions Mastery N/A
SECTION 2: External Influence Power -- Ethically Uplevel Your Impact Effectiveness
1 Module #3 -- NICE™ Boundaries Step 3: Boundaries Power Principles & Making Peace With the Possible Impacts of Honoring Your Boundaries N/A
2 Module #4 -- NICE™ Boundaries Step 4: Effectively Enacting Your Boundaries (Collaboratively When Possible & Unilaterally-Yet-Respectfully When Need Be) N/A
3 Module #5 -- Creating Accountability-Capable Agreements That Get Everyone on the Same Page N/A
4 Module #6 -- Repairing Agreement Implementation Breakdowns So You Strengthen Collaboration Instead of Damage It N/A
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