Dr. David Gruder, PhD, DCEP

Providing an Education in Being Human We Always Needed But Never Got

Dr. David Gruder is a Human Potential Peak Performance Psychologist who has held leadership & training roles in virtually every area of the Human Potential field since the 1970s, and who completed his doctorate in clinical & organizational development psychology in 1982.

He has provided keynotes, training programs and consulting in 8 countries on 3 continents, as well as on the internet.

  • His vast curriculum covers roughly 100 different Human Potential topics, and his program lengths range from 2 hour mini-trainings to multi-day certification programs to semester-long graduate school courses.
  • He has mentored leaders from World Trade Organization Ambassadors to local politicians, from CEOs & nonprofit Executive Directors to University Presidents & public school adminstrators, from startup entrepreneurs to family-owned businesses, and from hospital medical staffs & integrative health organizations to private practice healthcare practitioners & psychotherapists.


Dr. Gruder's work has received an unusually broad range of awards, including self-help, psychology & mental health, health & wellness, politics & society, social change, business, and leadership. (He didn’t merely win a leadership award: one was named after him in 2001.) He was also named America’s Integrity Expert by Radio & TV Reports in 2008, has been featured in Forbes 15 times & counting, and has given multiple hundreds of media interviews.

In addition to having been an entrepreneur since 1980, and having been a leader and/or board member for several for-profit and nonprofit organizations, Dr. Gruder serves as co-head of faculty and a Board member for CEO Space International, a 25+ year-old entrepreneur development organization. As a Culture Architect he equips leaders, managers & work teams with skills & procedures to successfully get things done quickly, collaboratively, & enjoyably.

It is this truly rare range of expertise & experience that has established Dr. Gruder as a premier thought leader in the Unified Human Potential field, and the ideal person to create Strategic Self-Development™.

Inner Circle+

An Education in Being Human That We Never Got But Always Needed™

Strategic Self-Development™ is about becoming becoming far more efficient & effective, and saving far more time & money, by mastering the Common Core mindsets & skills that form the foundation for making it far easier to succeed with ALL of your highest personal development goals, including:

  • Personal Happiness & Fulfillment
  • Great Relationships at Work & Home
  • Successful Entrepreneurship
  • Effective Leadership
  • Making a Positive Difference in the World

If you want to become better at selecting the most useful Human Potential resources for you in the most useful sequence, and getting the most from using them, Dr. Gruder's Unified Human Potential & Strategic Self-Development™ frameworks might just well be what you've been looking for but havn't found... until now!

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SECTION 1: Overview -- Taking Charge of Your Self-Development Like Never Before
1 Unified Human Potential & Strategic Self-Developmentā„¢ Overview N/A
2 Selecting Development Resources Like You Mean Business N/A
SECTION 2: Upgrading Your Common Core Skills [Future Addition]
SECTION 3: Your Clarity of Purpose -- The Core of Your Common Core [Future Addition]
SECTION 4: Upgrading Your Worldly Wellbeing Effectiveness [Future Addition]
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