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Dr. David Gruder makes integrity profitable. In fact, Radio & TV Reports named him America's Integrity Expert in 2008. Over his 40+ year career, he has founded or been a board member for numerous successful for-profits and nonprofits, has authored or written portions of 23 books, has been featured in Forbes 17 times and Inc twice, and has given hundreds of keynotes, training programs, and media interviews in 8 countries on 3 continents. Why is Dr. Gruder's unusually broad expertise so enthusiastically sought by a wide range of leaders, entrepreneurs, and helping professionals? The clues are in the diverse range of awards that he and his books have received, including: politics & society, social change, leadership, collaboration facilitation, conscious business, psychology, health & wellness, and self-help.

You're in for a real treat. Here are some small slices that scratch the surface in explaining why...


"Engaging Dr. David Gruder has been the best move I’ve ever made in my career. I have been astounded by his scope of expertise, depth of brilliance, and his unique ability to see the gap between Success and where I was. He is brilliant in applying the psychology of sales to guide your prospects toward your shopping cart. You know Dr. David is a rare-find because I enjoy paying him out of gratitude!"
~ Dr. Felix Liao, Father of WholeHealth Dentistry

"David Gruder is literally a GENIUS in mental performance and business strategy. No matter what I need help with, from clarifying my message to creating a clear of plan of action, he quickly and easily gives me the perfect steps to implement. And he does it in a way that leaves me inspired, confident and ready to take action. I am incredibly grateful to have David Gruder on my team!"
~ AmondaRose Igoe, The Speaking Goddess

"David Gruder is a genius, but more than one: he is 8-in-1. His breadth and depth on multiple subjects is unmatched: leadership, culture, program design & development, integrity, systems & process improvements, wordsmithing, and more. He quickly understood my business, and how to powerfully communicate my purpose and mission in a way that touches and moves others."
~ Carl Loop, CEO, Global Business Builders

"I speak from first-hand experience working with David, especially on communication - he tells you what you need to know in your language; the words and tone that you understand. The place of understanding he gets you to is life altering…"
~ September Dohrmann CEO, CEO Space International

"Before spending a day with David, it had been difficult for me to understand or duplicate the special working chemistry that successful teams have. I am not only becoming a better executive due to David's insights and facilitation, but a better man."
~ V. Tyrone Lam, Healthcare IT Executive, Entrepreneur

"David is an amazing facilitator who tames a room full of egos and genius into a group of aligned collaborators, as Gunther Gable did with the tigers he managed."
~ Gia Heller, CEO, Social Media Masters & National Business Experts>

"Dr. David Gruder really helped improve my leadership effectiveness as a team leader. Because I’m now equipped with his 'applied integrity and collaboration' skills in areas like commitment, attention to details, and accountability, I’ve become able to enjoy holding myself to a higher standard, while also helping those I lead and collaborate with do the same. I highly recommend utilizing Dr. Gruder, whether you want the corporation you lead to run at a higher level of peak performance, want to significantly upgrade the quality of your work or personal relationships, or want to create sustainable happiness and fulfillment for yourself.” 
~ Brian Hartley, CEO, The Body Shield, Inc.

"With brilliant thought leadership like David's, the world will change for the better, and his work will be cited as one of the driving forces."
~ Kate Frank, Kate Writes Right | Copywriting & Marketing

The Entrepreneur’s Toolbox™ Level 1: Free Introductory Resources

Key foundational resources to start taking your next steps in upleveling your effectiveness in actualizing your for-profit, nonprofit, or cause-based enterprise... so you become all you need to be for it to succeed.

Dr. Gruder has gifted you with a free collection of valuable videos, audios, primers, worksheets of his, plus one of his books, to help you start taking your next huge leaps as an entrepreneur, CEOs, or executive, who aspires to become a thought or market leader AND refuses to sacrifice your personal integrity, cherished relationships, or social responsibility in order to succeed.

Your Free Resources Include...


1. A Small Sample of the Hundreds of Interviews That Dr. Gruder Has Given

  • How to Disrupt with Integrity & Accountability
  • How Leaders Unintentionally Create or Perpetuate Problems
  • “Is Your Shadow Holding You Back?


2. Solidifying Your Foundation for Making Integrity Profitable™ Possible

  • PDF of Dr. Gruder's 6-award-winning classic on restoring personal, relationship, business, governmental, societal and planetary integrity


3. A Handful for Dr. Gruder's Many Basic Primers for Entrepreneurs, Businesses & Leaders on Aspects of Making Integrity Profitable™

  • 7 Psychological Keys to Entrepreneur Integrity Primer
  • Business Integrity Audit Primer
  • Entrepreneur Leadership Success Primer


4. Options for Going Further With Dr. Gruder

  • Taking a Deeper Dive on Your Own
  • Master Planning Intensives & Implementation Mentoring with Dr. Gruder
  • Additional Services Dr. Provides to Entrepreneurs


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SECTION 1: Dr. Gruder's Interviews That Can Open Your Eyes to What You Didn't Know You Need to Know
1 How to Disrupt with Integrity & Accountability N/A
2 How Leaders Unintentionally Create or Perpetuate Problems N/A
3 Is Your Shadow Holding You Back as a Leader? N/A
4 The 7 Proofs for Succeding as an Entrepreneur, Innovator, or Thought Leader N/A
SECTION 2: Your Secret Survival Plan That Will Undermine Your Integrity AND Your Success
1 Your Secret Keys to Personal & Business Success: Action Guides to Outgrow Your Survival Plan & Upgrade Your WisePassions™ N/A
2 Dr. Gruder's 6-Award-Winning Resource for Upleveling Your Integrity, Life Fulfillment, & Worldly Success, Including How to Get Free From Your Survival/Redemption Plan (Powerfully Useful) N/A
SECTION 3: A Few of Dr. Gruder's Basic Primers for Entrepreneurs, Businesses & Leaders on Making Integrity Profitable™
1 7 Psychological Keys to Entrepreneur Integrity N/A
2 Business Integrity Audit N/A
3 The Top 4 Leadership Keys for Making Integrity Profitable™ N/A
SECTION 4: Options for Going Further With Dr. Gruder
1 Resetting Power™: Ethical Personal Power Effectiveness™ N/A
2 Master Planning & Thought Leader Development Intensives Facilitated by Dr. Gruder N/A
3 Schedule a Time With Dr. Gruder N/A
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