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Dr. David Gruder, founder & president of Integrity Culture Systems™, is the 10-Award-Winning Psychologist who Radio & TV Interview Reports named "America's Integrity Expert." A key component of his mission is Making Integrity Profitable™. He is a Leader & Business Success Psychologist, and a Culture Architect, who makes happiness sustainable, collaboration productive, integrity profitable and society healthy. 

Dr. Gruder serves leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, work teams, helping professionals, and advanced self-developers in the private, nonprofit and public sectors, he has provided keynotes, training, mentoring & consulting in 7 countries on 3 continents, and through the internet. From serving on boards of directors and as Special Counsel, to being a TEDx Speaker, to training a group of World Trade Organization Ambassadors. His big gift is the ability to translate intentions and values into step-by-step implementation procedures that enable individuals, enterprises and causes to walk their talk.

Trained in Master Planning (50-100 year high-level strategic plans) a decade before he completed his doctorate in psychology, Dr. Gruder has been a master curriculum designer and trainer for many decades. He earned his PhD in clinical & organizational development psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology in 1982. He is dually licensed in California as a psychologist (PSY9266) and a marriage & family therapist (MFT18889). Known for his broad talents, unquenchable passion, and naked authenticity, his first love was music and he was expected by many to make that his career. A child of the 1950s and 1960s, his parents naively sent him to Woodstock when he was 15, and his profound experiences there have influenced his personal and professional life ever since.
Dr. Gruder was the first recipient of a leadership award that was named in his honor, and has also received an award for his work in creating collaborative cultures in organizations. He has authored, co-authored, been Psychology Editor for, written chapters for, and been featured in 10 books. The books he has authored have won 8 awards in “Politics & Society,” “Culture Change,” “Business & Leadership,” “Health & Wellness,” “Mental Health,” “Psychology,” and “Self-Help” (2 times). Named “America’s Integrity Expert” by Radio & TV Reports, his media presence has included being featured in Forbes 17 times, in Inc 2 times, publishing numerous articles including in Nonprofit Performance Magazine 3 times, and formerly co-hosted the Integrity Talk Radio show. As a young man, he was also the executive editor of his college newspaper.
Since the 1970s, Dr. Gruder has held administrative, leadership and training roles in virtually sector of the human potential movement. As a result, in addition to being an acclaimed thought leader in the area of integrity, his expertise includes Ethical Power Effectiveness, Strategic Integrated Self-Development, Leader Effectiveness, High Performance Team Collaboration, Holding People Accountable Without Being a Tyrant, the Psychology of Effective Messaging & Marketing, Entrepreneur Success Psychology (including Sequencing Effectiveness), the Psychology of Successful Rainmaking With Funders, Visibility Creators & Customers, and Skills for Repairing Our Hyper-Polarized Perpetual Stress Society. 
Dr. Gruder is on the board & faculty for CEO Space International, a leading entrepreneur development organization. He is also a Core Faculty with the California Institute for Human Science, a Guest Faculty for the Association for Integrative Health & Medicine's Interprofessional Fellowship Program, and a Certified Elder in the ManKind Project, an international nonprofit whose mission is creating a safer world through helping men become safer and more integrious. 
An administrator in the mid-1970s for the first integrative health & medicine professional organization, the Association for Holistic Health, he co-founded and became first president of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) in 1998. He also co-architected ACEP's code of ethics and two of their certification programs.
Whether your audience is executives, entrepreneurs, thought leaders/influencers, helping professionals, or advanced self-developers, Dr. Gruder has an array of A-List keynotes and training programs that will delight them. He can adapt any of his many existing presentations & programs to your specific audience, or rapidly develop a custom program exclusively for your needs.
His main website is www.DrGruder.com.
David lives in San Diego, California, with his wife Laurie, a licensed acupuncturist and artist with permanent exhibitions in San Diego and soon in Chicago, and their cats Isabel & Sage.

The New IQ Digital Book + Workbook

The PDF of Dr. Gruder's 6-award-winning book, The New IQ: How Integrity Intelligence Serves You, Your Relationships & Our World, PLUS your 10 module Implementation Guide that accompanies it.

The New IQ Chapter List

Key Questions This 6-Award-Winning Book Answers


  1. What does it take to feel truly authentic, lovable and to make a difference?
  2. Is integrity merely a vague philosophical concept that no one can actually define?
  3. Can I really do intentionally what natural developers do intuitively?
  4. What are the most valuable perspectives about how to live life that are revealed by looking at development with a rear view mirror?
  5. What causes us to sacrifice our authenticity and our sense of right and wrong?
  6. What are the five universal survival strategies that we come to think of as 'who I am'?
  7. How can I acquire some clues about my own hidden survival plan?
  8. How can I discover why my past is limiting my present without having to go through years of soul searching or psychotherapy?
  9. What prerequisites must I meet as an adult in order to feel lovable, worthy and safe?
  10. Is there a predictable rhythm to my development that I should know about?
  11. What is life's way of inviting me into deeper integrity, fuller authenticity, more effective and fulfilling connection with others, and greater contributions to the world?
  12. How do we deal with life until we know how to do what natural developers do?
  13. Isn't there an easier way to develop than by doing deep inner work on ourselves all the time?
  14. Isn't it normal to just want to take a break sometimes?
  15. Is there a single set of core life skills that personal, relationship, leadership and integrity development all depend upon?
  16. What is the key to responding to everything life throws at me with self-responsibility, humility and receptivity?
  17. What is the key to maintaining the abundance of life energy I need for authenticity, connection and service?
  18. What is the key to telling the difference between truth, partial truths and lies?
  19. What is the key to turning difficult life experiences into blessings rather than baggage?
  20. What is the key to expressing my inner light, gifts, deepest truths, and creativity without self-censoring and holding back?
  21. What is the key to co-creating more fulfilling, collaboration-based, productive, and resilient personal and work relationships than I ever thought possible?
  22. What is the key to accurately co-discovering and fully serving the collective highest good?
  23. How can someone in my position in life make a meaningful difference in helping to create a new era of personal, relationship, collective and leadership integrity?

The New IQ Implementation Guide Modules

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Living The New IQ At Home, At Work, & In Your Spheres of Influence

The New IQ Implementation Guide (Workbook) is a 10-module self-guided curriculum that enables you to embody the material in The New IQ book in all aspects of your life in your own unique ways: at home & at work, in your relationships, & your community. It is your key to Strategic Integrated Self-Development™ throughout your life... no matter what resources you choose to use to facilitate your integrated personal, relationship & leadership development along the way.
Each module is keyed to a specific part of The New IQ book so you can easily coordinate your reading with your implementation. The self-assessments, in-depth explorations, and exercises, each module contains have been specifically designed to help you integrate what you read into how you walk your talk in your daily life.
  • MODULE 1: Your Current Relationship With Your Three Core Drives (Authenticity, Connection & Impact)
  • MODULE 2: Mapping Your Survival & Redemption Plans So You Can Outgrow Them
  • MODULE 3: The Four LifeZones of Adulthood & Upgrading Your Teachability WisePassion™
  • MODULE 4: Upgrading Your Self-Care WisePassion™
  • MODULE 5: Upgrading Your Discernment WisePassion™
  • MODULE 6: Upgrading Your Harvesting WisePassion™
  • MODULE 7: Upgrading Your Power WisePassion™
  • MODULE 8: Upgrading Your Synergy WisePassion™
  • MODULE 9: Upgrading Your Stewardship WisePassion™
  • MODULE 10: Reviewing Your Makeover Successes & Continuing From Here


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Does Dr. Gruder provide consultations to help me utilize The New IQ Implementation Guide?

  • Although Dr. Gruder no longer provides psychotherapy, he remains available on a limited basis to provide Strategic Integrated Self-Development™ Consultations for leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, and other changemakers.

  • He also provides keynotes, training programs, business consulting, and media interviews.

  • To contact Dr. Gruder or reserve a meeting time, click HERE (opens a new window).


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