Learn How To Create A Consistent Income Online

Through An Intense Coaching Program.

Kyle Custis

Dwayne has taught me some amazing skills that have created an extra 5 figures to my income. Because of the information Dwayne and his team provide I can now run a full time online business from my desk.

Alfredo Delgado

Working with Dwayne Golden has been a complete life changer for me. I was barely reaching over $5k a month just before working with Dwayne Golden. I earned just over $10k my very first month with working with Dwayne … Up to today with his help and guidance I have earned well over $1 million dollars online and we are just getting started! I highly recommend anything Dwayne Golden puts out there in the marketplace.

Earl Cox

Hey Dwayne I want to personally thank you for being a huge impact in my life helping me along the way to building a successful business online… With his leadership, mentorship and guidance I was able earn over 30K in less than 6 months working online from home. I'm looking forward to your continued leadership as we move into 2016.

Upon enrolling in the Apprentice Program you'll get
access to all the Modules listed below immediately.



Determine Business Model?

Clearing the Path to the proper mindset

Learn our business model and why it works

Learn more in depth about how you can apply Bill Gates method

How to do market research



Put your research into ACTION

How to use your research in your marketing plan

Determine Your Pricing

What is an angle? How to create the right angle for your business?

Developing you sales copy and video copy



No product? No problem.

Using the "Gates Method" by leveraging resell rights

How to get the most out of the DFY marketing

Product break down and strategy for: Genius Marketing Pro, Genius Trainer Pro, Genius PayDays



List Building

The Art of Joint Venturing to build a list

Low ticket high profit leverage

Paid ad strategies

Going from ZERO to 100 leads real quick



Email Marketing

Get personal and get clicks

How to manage a list so your subscribers look forward to your emails

Tracking, and using unopened to double your conversions.

Scheduling done the right way

Fresh Video Module Added Weekly

Stay current in your strategy by getting the latest tips and tricks from us every week

All content is downloadable so you can watch on your own time where ever you are

Weekly Group Coaching via LIVE Webinars

Once every month we are going to meet with all students in a LIVE webinar for added value and to get feedback and answer questions to help you guy in your specific business.

We will have Q&A sessions to keep the coaching very personal

To make this even easier how about some awesome bonuses to make this even sweeter?



Private "Apprentice Program" Facebook Community

No need to go at it alone the Apprentice Program Facebook community is only for Apprentice Program students.

Networking, Feedback, and access to a community of other serious online entrepreneurs.

You will get exclusive access with enrollment



Present, and Future Product Access

We have a wide portfolio of different internet marketing software products that we have released…

Everyone who enrolls in the Apprenticeship Program will get access to


Genius Marketing Pro

Genius PayDays

Genius Trainer Pro

PLUS enrollees also get access to future products that we will release in 2016.



Somewhere to Start . . .

Just incase you are struggling with a product to sell or a business to build from…

You will receive full resell rights of 3 of our premier products:

Genius Marketing Pro

Genius PayDays

Genius Trainer Pro

These 3 products have generated multiple six figures for our business int he last few months... Now there yours to start with.

Your Investment Today is 100% Risk Free
100% Money-Back Guarantee

We want you to be happy as you enroll in the Apprentice Program, in fact, we're so confident that this can help you achieve the level of income and freedom you've been searching for, we're giving you a 30 Day Guarantee.

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12 Payments

5 step by step modules

Fresh content added weekly

Group coaching via webinar

3 Epic Bonuses

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5 step by step modules

Fresh content added weekly

Group coaching via webinar

3 Epic Bonuses

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